An opportunity for focused, reflective conversation on one’s experience of life and prayer. Offering a deeper awareness of how God is present and active in our lives.

Spiritual Direction Includes:

  • Guidance for Growth in Prayer
  • Direction for Finding God in Life’s Challenges
  • Assistance in the Discernment Process
  • Support in Inner Healing Work
  • Help Using Dreamwork
  • Companionship Along The Way

Is Spiritual Direction For You?

Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God? Do you desire a more fruitful prayer life? Do you need to discern the best choices for your life? Have you experienced a crises of faith in which previous answers no longer suffice? Do you feel a desire for a new form of prayer or service in your life?

Spiritual direction involves an interpersonal relationship in which a person meets with a director who listens in order to help the person grow in the Holy Spirit. Spiritual direction is not primarily advisory or informative, though the director might impart advice or knowledge from time to time. Nor is the goal primarily therapeutic, though emotional relief is often a valued by- product of the service. Spiritual direction is an adult-adult relation- ship, not a parent-child relationship. The director never speaks for God or presumes to know God’s will for the person, but always gives that person the freedom necessary to discover the voice of God arising from within.

The Basis For The Relationship:

  • To be really helpful, spiritual direction takes time. Appointments are preferred. Meetings will last for one hour, and the frequency will be determined by the individual and the director
  • Strict confidentiality and privacy are assured.
  • A healthy working alliance between the individual and director are necessary.
  • People of all beliefs are welcome. The director is committed to reverence for the dignity, equality, rights and gifts of all persons.

Spiritual Director’s International (SDI) suggested stipend per appointment – $50.

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