Make Faith Formation come alive in the  home with Liturgy out of the Box!  Kits are comprised of approximately 5 faith formation lessons based on each season of the Liturgical (Church) Calendar.  Five kits will be available from October – May for each catechetical year.  (Ordinary Time 1, Advent/Christmas, Ordinary Time 2, Lent, Easter)

Each lesson in the kit contains: 

  • parent background information 
  • family discussion prompts 
  • activities and fun “hands-on” items that the whole family can use as they move through each lesson
  • family prayer suggestions 

Lessons can be explored one at a time (once a week) or clustered together giving family members, of any age, an opportunity to learn new information and celebrate the feasts of the Church year. Liturgy out of the Box can be used as a self-contained Faith Formation Program or it can be used as a supplement to any existing program.

Benefits of using Liturgy out of the Box:

  • Textbooks are not required. 
  • Computers are not required. 
  • Kits can be customized by the DRE by adding personalized material, supplemental lessons, or notes to the box. 
  • Each kit contains supplies for 2 children. To add additional pieces for more children, please see the order form. (each additional supply pouch is $3.00)
  • The cost of each kit is $30. Keep in mind, the parish can chose to subsidize the cost and/or use part of the family’s Faith Formation fee. 
  • There are five kits per faith formation season – Ordinary Time (during spring, summer, fall), Advent/Christmas, Ordinary Time (during winter), Lent and Easter. 
  • Other kits are available for Sacrament Preparation and RCIA for children.
  • Kits can be mailed. Postage and handling are an extra charge.
  • Lead time for processing after ordered will take 3-4 weeks.

Please contact for further information, or to receive your online order form. A sample form has been attached for your convenience. 

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