Interior Design: Exploring the Breadth of God

When we think of landscape we often think of external geography; rolling hills, never-ending plains, tall pine trees rising towards the blue sky or the place where the ocean meets the jagged rocks. But there is another landscape that we are invited to consider in this human life, and it is the one that we cannot see; the landscape of the interior. As human beings we are given the gift of self-reflection, and through this gift, we are able to experience the depths of what it means to be human. Self-reflection is a choice, and like in any relationship, in order to learn from the interior life we must choose to pay attention to it. Turning towards the inner life is not easy. To traverse this inner territory takes great courage and discipline and a willingness to embrace the unknown. There are ultimately no maps, road signs or landmarks to help us on this exploration. As we descend more deeply into who we are, we might find ourselves in unknown territory. For those of us who choose to embark on this amazing journey of discovery, we need something to hold onto.  If we can fashion images of what we desire, need, hunger for, aspire to, then that form will define the inner landscape and be made objective, so that we can visit it time and again, and begin to meditate upon those images, and in this way grow.