Spirituality for the Second Half of Life

Pablo Picasso once said, “It takes a long time to become young!”  The beauty of the later years, is that if we have learned to trust our own insights at least as much as we trust the insights we have been taught, we find ourselves at the end of a very long life with a very young soul.  

Time offers us opportunities: To go deeper in life, to broaden our personalities, to soften our thinking, to abandon arrogance and authoritarianism in favor of new ideas and respect for others. Time offers us the chance to see things in ways that we have never seen before and if we watch those who grow older with ease, we notice that they let life come to them rather than trying to clutch it to themselves.

For those of us who are clearly in the “second half of life” we realize that time is a wonderous thing, as long as we fill it well. And what does filling it well look like, we might ask? I have a few thoughts that I share in this single presentation.