Discernment Workshop

(3 sessions)

Discernment is the process of clarifying the presence, the movements of God’s Spirit inviting response in our lives. It is a grace-filled and challenging process. 

Discernment requires: 

  1. a certain docility to God’s Spirit who is giving and revealing God’s being in me, and thereby revealing and giving me to myself …. (via the school of self-knowledge) 
  2. awareness – a pronounced presence to the reality 
  3. understanding – a penetration below the surface of reality 
  4. judgment and genuine choice in which particular means of action are chosen for commitment 
  5. discerned action entails joy, peace, and freedom. 

Discernment requires examining the spontaneous movements within us … How is the Lord moving me, moving in my consciousness? 

For many today, spontaneity is everything! It this is crushed, life is still-born…yet what about what Socrates claimed: the unexamined life is not worth living? Also what about a certain naiveté that that overlooks the fact, that welling up in the consciousness and experience of each of us are two spontaneities, one good and of God, and one not good and not of God. These two spontaneous movements happen to all of us. The challenge is to be able to sift out these various spontaneous urges and give full ratification to those from and for God. 

Participants will be invited to look at their own gifts and talent to discern God’s nudging in their lives.