Acts a Call to Serve

(2 session Lay Ministry Formation)

Training for pastoral care, leadership, and worship. A.C.T.S. is intended to introduce new ministry volunteers to the scope of parish service and to enhance the quality of veteran volunteers.

The What of Ministry: A look at the call of ministry through the lenses of Scripture, Sacramental life and Church documents 

The Who of Ministry: A consideration of personality, theology and prayer life to enhance one’s role as lay minister 

The How of Ministry: Three separate workshops on skill building to choose from:  

  • PASTORAL CARE – for those who visit the sick, work with the elderly, participate in pastoral care 
  • LITURGICAL – for those who participate in a leadership role in worship (wake services, lectors, greeters, etc.) 
  • LEADERSHIP – for those who are part of a parish commission or parish council